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What is digital transformation in government?

Digital transformation in government (DTIG) focuses on policy, technology and technology-based projects that can (or have) transformed the way government works and the way it interacts with citizens.

The DTIG blog series

Since February 2016 we’ve been blogging every fortnight, bringing you both more in-depth pieces and shorter blogs on all areas of DTIG. Our aim is to produce a must-read resource that helps public sector employees in Australia deliver real benefits to citizens.

The series is a reflection of our commitment to the open government movement and our own open ethos an example of how we give back to the community. We love producing these pieces...researching what’s happening here and overseas in terms of DTIG to bring you the best examples possible. We've covered everything from smart cities and artificial intelligence to blockchain technology, focusing on Aussie policy, research, and case studies (from Australia and overseas).

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The DTIG series delivers many benefits to our government clients and the public service sector in general. Our DTIG series helps you keep up to date with:

  • Real projects achieving real digital transformation in government

  • How governments are connecting to people via the delivery of great digital services and content

  • Relevant policies and reports, highlighted and summarised for you

  • Technological advances and trends that can help you deliver on your agency’s digital goals

Have you got a case study/idea for us?

We're always on the lookout for great DTIG case studies and topics, so if there's something you think we should blog about, feel free to contact Salsa using the form at the bottom of this page.

The blogs

Below are the latest five blogs in the series. You can also view a full list of DTIG blogs or subscribe to the series.

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Digital Transformation in Government Insight #114:
APS Data Professional Stream

The Australian Public Service (APS) recently launched professional streams to create a more integrated public service. The latest appointment is Dr David Gruen as Head of Data. 


Digital Transformation in Government Insight #113:
Govlaunch — a wiki for government innovation

Govlaunch is an online community where local governments from around the world share innovative projects. Govlaunch connects public sector employees and helps them innovate.


Digital Transformation in Government Insight #112:
D9 - pioneers in digital government

D9 is a group of nine countries that are digital pioneers. Currently, D9 has four focus areas: digital ID, digital rights, artificial intelligence and data 360°.


Digital Transformation in Government Insight #111:
NSW’s Smart Places Strategy

NSW’s Smart Places Strategy brings together a range of different technologies to ultimately improve the quality of lives of NSW citizens.


Digital Transformation in Government Issue #110:
Machine learning for a more open justice system

Austria is using machine learning to anonymise court records and deliver a more open justice and government experience for its citizens.


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If you’ve got an article idea or want to chat about digital transformation in government, use the form below or call us on 1300 727 952.

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